One of my favorite hymns, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, was first published in a book of hymns titled, Hymns for those that seek and those that have redemption in the blood of Jesus Christ. That name is ridiculously long and the beginning there, the part about seeking, is a way that I’ve seen and understood who I am for a long time. You may see the title and think, “well, what are they seeking?” The answer to that question is both simple and complex. I try to look for God in every nook and cranny of life. I’m not always good at doing this and often get absorbed or distracted, but in some ways, I always find myself seeking. So, let’s ponder a couple of quotes from people far more talented and eloquent than I’ll ever be.

“I do not seek, I find” – Pablo Picasso

There’s something attractive about this notion to me. It exudes confidence and is unabashedly hopeful. It leaves no shred of doubt that what is sought after, will be found. We might even say that it is the very definition of faith according to Hebrews 11:1. It might seem odd to have this quote here because Picasso is adamant that he isn’t actually seeking, which is exactly what I’m saying is essential. Nevertheless, I’m drawn to the brazenness of it and hope that I seek God with the same confidence, knowing that I will find Him. Matthew 7:8 says “the one who seeks finds.” There is something inseparable about this process and though we’re guaranteed to find, it doesn’t always feel that way. I think it’s in those moments that I find solace in this sentiment.

“Take comfort, you would not be looking for me if you had not already found me.” – Blaise Pascal

Here, Pascal is imagining God saying this to the seeker. Again, it’s a similar sentiment, and one in which I actually do find comfort. I won’t extrapolate this one, because I think its beauty and depth is worth exploring for yourself if it sounds a bit paradoxical.


Those That Seek are the stargazers, the prospectors, and the dreamers. They are those people who know there is a deeper meaning and get excited about trying to find it. It’s for the explorers and navigators of the soul who find pleasure and excitement in the journey and who want to dig a little deeper. It’s for those people that are “lost in wonder, love and praise.” If you’re searching for truth, meaning, or just love adventures, then I hope you’ll find a place here.

My name is Josh Hudson, and I live in Memphis with my wonderful wife Hannah, our son Julian, and our dog Clark. I like movies, hip hop, and conversation. Sometimes I post on social media. I’m always seeking, even when I find what I’m looking for. My thoughts are my own, usually.